Why 14k Gold Fill?

14k Gold Fill

Gold Filled jewelry is constructed in a few layers. The core metal is High quality jewelers brass, with a Solid Gold outer sleeve- pressure bonded to the core. All of our jewelry bases (chain, jump rings, clasps) is either Gold Filled or Stainless Steel, with our charms and pendants being either gold plated or stainless steel. To learn more about stainless steel jewelry, click the button under our section on sensitive skin. When choosing one of our pieces, make sure to take a look at the description to see what each piece is made of.

Why Gold Filled?

Gold Filled is the most high quality yet affordable option when purchasing jewelry. The thick layer of gold is securely bonded to its core to ensure the jewelry has a lifelong wear guarantee.

Gold Filled jewelry wont chip, tarnish, discolor, or fade when handled with proper care. With that being said, your looking at 10+ years of getting the absolute best out of your Gold Filled Jewelry. 

- High Quality

- Wont tarnish

- Affordable

- 10+ year guarantee

Quality: Gold Filled jewelry has a longer wear life than gold vermeil and gold plated.

Cost: When deciding what finish to go with, we always wanted quality over cost, however also wanting to stay at an affordable price range. Gold Filled provides that high quality, but also fits under an affordable price range. 

Recycle: Gold Filled jewelry can be recycled, YAY! Our goal is to create pieces that do last so you can avoid disposing of super cheap jewelry that fades fast, however if wanting to dispose of Gold Filled jewelry, it is 100% recyclable. 

Sensitive Skin

When wearing Gold Filled Jewelry, the chances of it irritating  those who have jewelry allergies are very slim. Our pieces are all lead and nickel free. However, with earrings the chance of irritation does go up, so we decided to go from our previous finish to a Hypoallergenic option, that being gold plated Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel jewelry is Hypoallergenic, Non tarnish, Fade free, and has no discoloration. 

For more information on our Stainless Steel earrings, click below!

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